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spontaneous expression

emotional development

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emotional -regulation

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childhood & emotional development

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The ability to reflect, assign meaning to our emotions, empathize with oneself and others, and develop positive self-esteem are not inherent qualities but skills that need to be nurtured and cultivated throughout life, beginning in childhood.

Each child interprets their experiences based on their understanding of themselves, others, and the world. These "interpretations" are often inaccurate, influenced by fantasies and fears, impacting the child's development, extending into adolescence and adulthood.


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Adolescence is arguably the most dynamic, demanding, and turbulent stage of life.

Adolescence is characterized by confusion, inner turmoil, and anxiety. In addition to sudden physical transformations, teenagers face the complex task of establishing their identity beyond their family, exploring and nurturing their passions, finding their place in social circles, making friends, and managing academic responsibilities. Providing the necessary support during this phase can guide teenagers towards making wiser choices and leading a more fulfilling adult life. Psychotherapy can help.

emotional regulation

Enhancing emotional regulation, the ability to identify and express our emotions, to remain calm under stress, are skills to develop and nurture.

I incorporate breathing techniques, relaxation, and mindfulness into my sessions to help enhance these abilities in children and adolescents.

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spontaneous expression

"Play is the child's natural language, and toys are their vocabulary."

Through play and creative activities, every child communicates their fears, fantasies, and perceptions of the world. Children may struggle to articulate their feelings verbally, but they can naturally express themselves through play.

I utilize a range of materials tailored to the child's age and requirements, including painting, drawing, collage, clay, sand tray, puppets, games, stories, and music.

when therapy can help?

  • moving countries
  • separation anxiety
  • divorce
  • anger
  • anxiety
  • adoption
  • ASD
  • low academic achievement
  • loss/grief

  • depression
  • ADHD
  • sibling rivalry
  • trauma
  • eating disorders
  • low self-esteem
  • gaming addiction
  • behavourial difficulties

about me

Being bilingual in English and Portuguese, I established my practice in London, where I earned a Master's Degree in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy from the London Metropolitan University. I also have a diploma in Art Therapy from Goldsmiths University and I am a registered member of the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy).

My experience includes working with a diverse international community, engaging with individuals from various backgrounds worldwide, including those who are not native English speakers.

Reviews Google

"Adriana is simply fantastic. We were so lucky to have found her and we wholeheartedly recommend Adriana to anyone in need of an English speaking therapist! She has worked with our daughter and assisted her over an incredible process of transformation. Adriana is very dedicated, thorough, methodical, tactful and a super pro.We are so grateful for the work she has done, and the results are absolute amazing! " Paul Criveanu (father of 12yr girl)

"Adriana has supported our 12 year old son through a difficult time during the pandemic lockdown. He always came out of their sessions with a renewed sense of confidence and clearly happier after being able to express difficult feelings to her via various artistic forms of expression. There was enjoyment while there was also a deep work happeining each time. Adriana is not only a professional with years of experience, she is a human with enormous empathy and understanding for the human condition. Young and older humans alike are lucky to have her gaze and support" Leticia Valverdes, mother of a 14yr boy



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